Sep, 14

Honeys Get The Money

It was about time to go on tour again! First stop LONDON FASHION WEEK.
Being at the airport super early had us 4 Desperados deep by the time we boarded our plane…ooops! An hour later we touched down in London and quickly checked-in to hit up the always busy Oxford Street. First things first, WE NEED FOOD!!! Cookhouse Joe seemed to be our spot, burgers and roasted chicken…oh yeah! After our divine lunch it was time to get dolled up! To avoid any waiting we already had appointments set at our favourite spot WAHNAILS. Located in Topshops’ beauty corner, there’s always a vibrant energy in the salon and the ladies are super talented and fun to chat with. Super thrilled about our new manicures we continued our shopping spree at Oxford Street. One thing is for sure, you can always find something special in London.
After a day of running around, we decided to have a little room party, for some odd reason somebody in the building across from us always wanted to get naked in front of their window. Entertainment was included to say the least ­čśë
With a little bit of sleep we hit the streets again the next day to promote the brand and have a look at prospective points of sale. Roaming the London streets is always a pleasure. Streetart is all around and of the most striking artists is Endless.
Having the business part handled for the day, it was time to turn up. After all it was saturday night! Instead of mingling with the fashion folks, we wanted to catch up with the more edgy part of London and headed out to Dalston. First stop was a bar called The Passage, good vibes and rum kept us there for a while, until we headed around the corner to a club called Visions. Originally being a banqueting suite since 1989, the basement was transformed into a nightclub in 2009. More urban vibes and J├Ągerbombs kept us busy for sometime! A big thank you to the OG Caz for taking care of everything that night and making sure the glass was always full!! A quick breakfast smoothie with Ronald Mc’Donald didn’t quite even out all the liquor in the system and it was a bit harder than ususal to find our way home. Since sundays are made for rest and reflection, we chose to go with option one and made sure our batteries are charged for the week ahead of us .
Monday it was time to hit the hotspot of London Fashion Week, the Somerset House. As soon as you enter the scene you can feel the energy shifting. Tons of photographers are welcoming you and if you are lucky you might just have to show em’ what yo momma gave ya! After picking up our passes we started our tour of the designer showrooms, that were set up in the beautiful environment of the Somerset House. It’s always great to catch up on everything that is out there and connect with so many talented people. Mostly intrigued we were with the selection of jewellery designers. So much variety and great ideas mostly in gold, had us in awe. Our favourite was definitly Rachel Boston, minimalistic but extravagant and super high-end with all pieces made out of solid gold. Having champagne served all day left us quite starving and we decided to check out this italian spot that we had our eyes on, since we got to London. To our luck half of the staff and guests were polish, which had us feeling right at home and served with shots from the owner himself. Running around all day can get quite exhausting, so we stayed in and had one of our infamous room parties again. Tuesday was the last day of Fashion Week so we left the house early to make the most out of the time left. After another round in the designer showrooms we made our way to a fashion presentation, that took place in the lobby of a hotel located a few minutes from Somerset House. We still had some time left till the show started so we went to the rooftop terrace to have a little shooting in our upcoming summer season with the guys from ELOOK. The Tramp In Disguise presentation started fashionably late and was definitly something more out of the box. Two models were placed in different locations of the lobby and there were no outfit changes, only a jacket being added to one look. When the models were in their positions the press was able to take pictures.Next stop was the Fashion Scout tradeshow at Freemason’s Hall. The imposing art deco building was simply breathtaking and the tradeshow was held in one of the main rooms of the building. In contradiction to the environment the designers were all young and vibrant. After all the running around it was our favourite time again, FOOD O’CLOCK!!! This time on the menu, Jerk Ribs and Steak served with a cold beer. With full tummies we headed back to Somerset House to see the ASHISH show, one of Londons hottest designers right now. He clearly loves sequins, but finds a great balance between sporty and glamour. We went back to the hotel after networking a little more to start packing and get ready for our next adventure PARIS! The next morning it was time to check-out and check the last point on our London list, the TRAPSTAR store. Their journey is quite inspiring, as an independent brand they definitly came a long way. It’s always good to see the amazing people behind the brand and get to catch up, despite our busy schedules! Now it was time to get our luggage and catch this train to Paris.
A few hours and a nap later we arrived at Gare du Nord and headed right back out after we checked in our hotel. Since we had less than 48h in this city, we had to make em’ count! While London was a bit more balanced, Paris was all about the benjamins. First things first, a business meeting with our agency while having dinner and drinks. After discussing strategies and numbers it was time to get some rest and mentally prepare for Premiere Vision, one of the largest fabric fairs. Git up, git out n git somethin’ was the motto of our next day. First we had to catch a train to Parc des Expositiones, where the fair takes place twice a year. As soon as you get there it’s all business, no play. People with suitcases and phones attached to their suit and tie’d up selves. Let’s start diggin’!! The fair is divided in four halls, three of them only for fabrics and one for anything else that you need to complete your garments, like buttons, zippers, packaging & labelling. It’s impossible to see everything, so you need to have a game plan set! First we had appointments with the suppliers, that we already work with and then we took some time to also source for new suppliers. It’s amazing with how many different designs the textile industry comes up within such a short amount of time. Going through racks and racks of sample fabrics is certainly a lot of fun and we always get super inspired by all the different displays. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures in the fabric halls.
After sourcing more than 300 different fabrics and taking care of packaging and labelling it was time to head back to the city and visit one of our favourite stores, Colette! One could spend hours in this store, so many great designers from high-end to street. Sadly our time was limited, but it’s always great to visit and catch up with the lovely staff. Afterwards we took a little tour through the streets of Paris to get to our dinner spot. It was way too hot to take the metro and really, you would have to be a fool not wanting to walk around in Paris, the architechture is simply amazing. Dinner was served in true french manner, cheese with bread and even though you are suppossed to have wine, we stayed true to our good ol’ beer. I honestly forgot how long it takes to eat a plate of cheese and since time wasn’t on our side, we had to bounce shortly after to still be able to catch up with our homies from ENSWEAR, a high-end streetwear brand from Paris. Armed with a sixpack, we headed out to Pantin to bounce of some ideas, exchange gifts and spend a little quality time with our famille sauvage.
The next morning it was time to pack up and make our way to the airport. The best thing about this life is to connect and stay connected! Thank you to all the people, who always show us some love! United we stand, One Love!!!